Friday, April 17, 2015

Fire Station Field Trip...

This morning, Roen's class walked to the fire station down the street to help in their learning of community helpers.

Although, I thought the rain might literally 'rain on our parade', it turned out to be a cool, cloudy morning. Roen still has issues when I am at school with him. He clings to my side for dear life and refuses to let me leave his sight- participating in anything is out of the question almost completely. It was like pulling teeth to get any pictures of him because he wouldn't let me get that far away.

Roen is extremely shy and clams up around large groups of people (mainly adults) he doesn't know, so I could hardly get a smile out of the little booger.

He said he had fun, but Remi told me that he heard Roen crying in the hallway after I left... I can't even pretend I don't relish the fact that he loves me the way he does, but it makes me sad that me coming to his school makes him so emotional.

Here he is with his class. See that boy sitting on the ground? That is Roen and he is very upset because I walked away to take a picture.

Here are a few of the smiles I did capture...

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Cindy Rector said...

Now that little boy on the ground transformed into a very happy guy with the firemen and especially the fire hose! He sure is losing he baby look😢. It's wonderful that you get to go with the boys on field trips. Keep making those memories!!