Wednesday, April 1, 2015

WaCKy WEdNeSdAY...

Today, at school was Wacky Wednesday. They have this day every year where the kids get to come to school dressed in any crazy concoction they can come up with.

I remember last year, I couldn't really get Remi to get into it. It was the same this year with both boys. They were very hesitant to do anything 'too silly'. I guess they associate school with being a serious time and veering from that feels weird... or maybe they just don't like to dress silly... either way, this is the best I could get them to do.

Remi has his shirt on backwards, a belt, a hat and two different shoes. Roen wore his swim goggles, cowboy hat, a belt and his rain boots (but it was raining so this wasn't really even 'wacky')!

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Cindy Rector said...

Wacky or not they are cutie pies!! I would say Roen is a little more wacky. Love the swim goggles & cowboy combination. Hope they had fun.