Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Roen is 4!!!

Today, my sweet little RoRo is FOUR! I cannot tell you where the time has gone, but I can tell you that Roen is my squishy little sunshine.

Roen still loves his trucks and trains. He loves for me to build him a track and will push his trains around on it for days. He also loves his trucks and will play upstairs with them for hours.

Roen also loves riding his bike. He is finally big enough for his 'big boy bike' and started riding it several weeks ago.

He loves his big brother. They love to make messes, get each other into trouble, fight and just be boys. There is no greater joy than seeing their brother relationship grow everyday. There are times that having them be so close in age has been hard, but it has also been the best thing we ever did. I love that they will always be going through the same stages of life at the same time, together.

Roen loves sweets! Candy, donuts, fruit rollups, cake... if it's sweet, he loves it!

He loves everything, camo, hunting, fishing and four wheelers.

Favorite TV shows are Curious George and Tom & Jerry.

Favorite colors are blue and green.

Roen is extremely shy. He tends to get a bit nervous around people he doens't know but LOVES being around friends and family. He is still a major momma's boy and prefers for me to do most things for him. However, he thinks his daddy hung the moon. When it comes to being outside and doing 'boy' stuff, he is glued to Micah's side.

Though, Roen radiates with sweetness most of the time, the older he gets the more ornery and sneaky he seems to be getting. He is very sensitive and rarely requires anything more than a time out for punishment. Roen likes everyone to be happy!

Here are some pictures of my little man on his big day. He is holding his new knife (a birthday gift) in most of them... don't worry it's not real, but it can in fact, 'get the bad guys!'

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Cindy Rector said...

Sweetness in every picture! Still trying to figure out where the time has gone. He is a very happy guy!! Cool knife too! Give him a hug & kiss from me.