Sunday, May 10, 2015

Thankful For Shelter...

Thursday night, we finally got to break in the good 'ole storm shelter. With pouring rain, hail and tornados bouncing all around us, we headed to the shop around bedtime. I made a palette for the boys in the floor of the shelter and they fell asleep watching Curious George. The wether was bad most of the night so we spent all night in the shop. Once the boys were safe in the shelter, they felt safe and Remi told me the next morning it was like an adventure!

Being right at the tail end of Tornado Alley, I have gotten a fair dose of the severe weather this area produces... and the storm shelter will forever be the best part of our new house!

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Cindy Rector said...

So thankful you all had the foresight to include a safe room. It is wonderful to see the boys fast asleep trusting their parents to keep them safe...and that you did. We certainly prayed for everyone's safety and then praised God for his blessings. Love that Remi called it an adventure....that it was! They both look a little drenched in the first picture. Bet you & Micah were soaked too. Thanks for posting!! Love you all.