Tuesday, August 25, 2015

How My Day Went....

My day without Remi was a lot like this...

It was a mix between being sad, checking his schedule often to know what he was doing at school and wanting to go spy on him!

When I picked Remi up, he was in a great mood and said he had a lot of fun! He made one friend... a little boy named Jackson and seemed very happy with how his day went. He liked his cafeteria lunch, did his homework promptly after school with a good attitude and came home talking to Roen like a teacher :)

Here was our conversation on the way home:

Me: You were gone forever! Did it feel like you were gone forever?!

Remi: No, but I sure did miss you.



Cindy Rector said...

Wonderful!! Loved the text between you and Micah. I got a visual of you on a ladder peeking into the windows of his classroom. I can only imagine the emptiness you felt...but thankful you still have Ro at home. Hope this is a sign of a great school year!

Hucks Randomness said...

We're not even to school age yet and I've already thought about watching through the window....Glad I'm not the only one ; )