Monday, December 14, 2015

My Love For Art....

I love art. I always have been an artist at heart and though I don't work outside of the home, art is still a very big part of my life. I like to create it, I like to look at it and I like to surround myself with it.

The one very special little place in our home that is 100% for me, is my beloved library. I cannot tell you how truly thankful I am for my library. I love that I have a place for my two most favorite things: books and art... books that have been read by me and art that will be picked out by me, for me. As a mom, I don't often get the treat of having something all to myself... when I do... oh, it is so very amazing!

I spend quite a lot of time in my library. Almost always reading with a hot cup of tea in hand. Little likes to curl up beside me and the kids will find things to keep their hands busy. I can see my front porch, back porch, kitchen and living room all from my favorite spot, on the dainty little couch, on which I like to perch.... like a queen of her castle :)

My library will always be a place of new additions. I hope to always be adding books to the many empty shelves and beautiful pieces of art to the walls. This being said....

.... I recently bought my very first piece of art for this room!

It is by one of my absolute favorite artists, Holly Farrell, and I actually purchased it before the gallery opening. I follow her work very closely and the minute I saw this new piece, called Table, I was on it. Well, first I dreamed about it belonging to my library, then I spoke with Micah and then I was on the phone to the gallery. I would have killed to be at the opening... it said Courtesy of Lauri Davenport underneath the piece because I already owned it... that is probably the coolest thing I never got to see!

Everyone has thier own taste in art, but for me, the pieces that speak to me most, are the ones that make me want to jump into them. This chair, the books, that painting inside the painting.... this is a 'lauri nook' if I have ever seen one!!

Without further ado, here is Table.....

By the amazing Holly Farrell

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Cindy Rector said...

Perfect addition to your space!! Love it.