Monday, November 9, 2015

Final Books From October...

Well, I finished up my booklist for the month of October. I was hoping this second round of books would be even scarier than the first, but that was not really the case.

Letters From the Looney Bin was a very short read (easily read in one day) and though it looks terrifyingly creepy from the cover, it was really just very sad and interesting to me. It is definitely an eye opener as to why some people grown up to become the 'crazies' that they seem. Great little book... a bit unsettling as well.

I knew Life and Death would not really be scary, but since it was about vampires I thought it was perfectly fitting for the month of October. I LOVED the Twilight series. I read the series way back when Micah and I had first gotten married... almost ten years ago. I haven't picked them up since, so when Meyers came out with this version of Twilight, I was all over it. Though this book got some pretty bad reviews, I absolutely loved it!! If you read it with an open mind and with no comparison to the original, then it is just a good book that was over too soon!

Follow You Home had an enormous amount of potential to be terrifying... but it was not. The first half of the book builds to what you think will be a chilling ending, but for me the author did just not take it to the level it needed to go. Good book, but extremely disappointed by the ending. I really think this book was missing the supernatural... I would have loved for it to have ended up being a ghost story.

The Prettiest One was a great book. A murder mystery at it's finest. I surprised myself by loving the ending. There were several questions that never got answered, but I'm ok with that because overall, it was a good, solid read.

Happy Reading! I am moving on from this genre and just bought not only some of the most beautiful books in my library but what I also think will be some of my favorites!!

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Cindy Rector said...

Well I'm ready to hear about your November reads....scary is not what I like! I'm a big chicken. Enjoy and keep posting.