Monday, November 2, 2015

School Halloween Parties..

Friday was full of Halloween celebrating... both boys had their halloween parties at school. Since Roen only goes to school in the morning, he got to go to Remi's as well.

Roen has the sweetest, quietest little class. After some fun Halloween games, we had snacks and treats in his classroom before I took him home.

Remi's party started out with a piƱata with the whole Kindergarten. Afterwards, the kids had snacks until dismissal. It was really fun getting to see Remi in his element up at school with all his buddies.

This is Remi and his sweet teacher...

And this is Remi with one of his best buddies...

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Cindy Rector said...

The boys look so sweet. I still have trouble believing that Remi is in "real" school. He is getting so tall. Glad they are enjoying Halloween. Bet you are exhausted! Come on Thanksgiving.