Monday, January 18, 2016

A Love For Learning...

Remi loves to learn. He is my perfectionist and is the very happiest when he is challenging his mind. Although, he looks just like me, I think he may have a mind just like his daddy's!

The other evening, I was in my library reading while Micah was out picking up dinner. Roen sat beside me and played his favorite robot game and Remi came in with his math game. I just thought it was kind of sweet that of all things he could be doing, he wanted to practice his math.

And although Roen has yet be the thinker in the way that Remi seems to be, this little smile steals my heart every time...

How 'bout that camo on camo going on, lol!

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Cindy Rector said...

Yay Remi! Sure is nice that you don't have to threaten him to practice his math. Roen is going to have it made...Remi can do the leg work and give Roen the shortcuts! Much like me and your mother! lol
Sweet smile on Roen's face and a boy can never have too much camo in their wardrobe! Have a great week!!