Monday, January 11, 2016

His First Tooth...

On Friday afternoon, Remi lost his very first tooth.

It was really bothering him and it was getting hard to eat much of anything, so he asked if I would wiggle it out for him. After trying for awhile and not being able to get a hold of his tiny little tooth, I gave the task to Micah. The tooth was really only barely hanging on, so using a paper towel to help grip Micah was able to get it out easily.

At first, Remi screamed, but when he realized his tooth was out, he was all smiles!!!

That night, Remi decided that he wanted to keep his very first tooth. So with a letter to the tooth fairy, we hung his tooth up on his magnet board and Remi woke up to 5 dollars... he was a very happy boy!

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Cindy Rector said...

It just doesn't seem possible that Remi has lost his first tooth! Great job Micah. The note to the tooth fairy is priceless. Someday he will probably think why did I want to keep my tooth. Another milestone in the book of life! Thanks so much for sharing :)