Friday, January 22, 2016

School Work...

One of my favorite parts of Kindergarten is getting to see all the school work Remi brings home everyday. We don't nessecarily talk about everything he learns, so this is my little glimpse into what he is learning. I am truly amazed by the things he is learning! (The dedication of teachers will always be something that touches my heart).

Here is a small collection of school work Remi has brought home lately. I rarely keep school work, but sometimes, it's hard to resist!

I was especially proud when one of these papers came home with his last name written! Of course, I love his little fishy drawing and I guess I never realized that he would be learning addition and how to tell time!

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Cindy Rector said...

Exciting to see the progress he's making! His penmanship has really changed...way to go Remi. Now you see why Anne had so many keepsakes from your childhood! It is Welcome to motherhood hording! Thanks for sharing.