Thursday, February 11, 2016

A Shade of Vampire Series... Part 1

So, this is the series of 24 books I mentioned awhile back. Though, the books create a seamless storyline, the entire series is broken up into three parts... each part focusing on different characters. Part 1 is books 1-7, part 2 is books 8-16 and 17-24 is the final part. I cannot wait to see where the second part of this series will take it's reader!

I just finished up the first 7 books. These books are extremely quick reads (some easily read in a day) and very addicting. The writing isn't amazing or anything but the stories are so creatively intense. As you can see, these books are about vampires and the covers of some of these books look a bit provocative, but I assure you, the stories really aren't.

Obviously, all of the books I just read were amazing, but book 6 & 7 were my favorite of this group.

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Cindy Rector said...

Oh lord, you've gone crazy! Lol
Hope you enjoy! I think I'll pass on these.