Friday, March 25, 2016

A Pulled Tooth...

Yesterday morning, Remi had pay a visit to the dentist.... to have a minor little procedure done.

We have known for awhile now, that Remi had an extra tooth in the roof of his mouth- between his permanent front teeth. The original plan was to have it removed when he lost his first front tooth. That way they could just go in through the opening and pull the extra tooth. However, a few weeks ago at his 6 month check-up, x-rays showed that this extra little tooth was causing problems. Mainly, it was making one of his permanent teeth very crooked. It was recommended that we get it out as soon as possible.

So, we got the next appointment they had, told Remi that were just doing some sealants (which they did) and took him to see his dentist. Of course, I felt a bit bad for not telling him the whole truth, but that really would have only made him scared and nervous. His sweet dental hygienist said he did great the entire time. He was gassed up, watching a movie and had no clue that they were up there pulling teeth.

I was very anxious to see him, but as soon as I did, he started tearing up and clung to me. He was very confused about why he was bleeding. He cried the whole way home saying his mouth hurt and I'm sure all the blood didn't help... or that he was numb. But, as soon we got home, I tucked him into our bed, crawled in next to him, turned on one of his favorite shows and he was great! After a couple of hours of Dino Trux he was done laying around. Not too long after, Pops brought him a Frosty and after that, Remi was literally, running around the house like a wild Indian! Although, they recommended us give him Tylenol to help with the pain, that little booger never once asked for it. In fact, he felt so good that later that evening he played in his t-ball scrimmage.

Remi may be a handful and a bit of a challenge sometimes, but one thing is for sure- that boy is tougher than nails!

Right after we got home- still a bit unsure of his mouth situation

He ended up getting a stitch in the roof of his mouth along with this giant hole!

And I have to say, the best part of this whole ordeal was having an excuse to snuggle with Remi for as long as his heart desired!

Because they had to pull the extra tooth early, it also meant that they had to pull one of his current front teeth to get to it. Remi will be a little snaggle tooth for quite sometime.... probably well into next school year. Good thing he looks so darn cute missing a front tooth :)

And of course, he was so excited for bedtime so that he could see what the tooth fairy brought him! This is his brand new tooth fairy pirate dog and tucked inside the little pocket are his two little teeth... it really doesn't get much sweeter for than this...

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Cindy Rector said...

Sweet boy! That is a big hole. He is a tough one for sure. Glad that's over with and that he is back up and running....full speed. Looks like he will be ready for the Easter Bunny! Wishing y'all a very happy Easter!