Thursday, May 19, 2016

Roen's Robot Birthday...

For Roen's 5th birthday, we went through many ideas for themes but he settled on robots. I have to say, some themes have been more fun than others, but this was one of my favorites! I went with very colorful and happy colors... just like Roen.

He has been so excited for his party to finally get here. He had me draw a countdown calendar that he taped to his door so that he could always see how many more days until his party.

His party was this past Saturday and he had a blast! We had a bouncehouse, hamburgers & hotdogs, a robot building station, a pinata and lots of fun with family and friends!

The little robot planters Roen helped make. He picked out all the plants. There were 10 total... some were turned backwards.

Roen's birthday invitation

Roen with the book and quilt I made him

Of course, the obstacle course bouncehouse is always a blast...

I found these fun light-up ice cubes for the kid's cups- they were a huge hit!

Blowing out his candles

Roen and his best little buddy

I started collecting cans months ago and them made little robot parts with magnets, pipe cleaner, nuts, bolts, buttons, googley eyes.... this was lots of fun!

This is by far the fastest I have ever gotten birthday pictures back! From Remi's very 1st birthday, I have always hired a photographer to take pictures at the boy's birthdays. It is something that I am so very glad I have done. It allows me to run around and play host/Mommy and not worry about getting pictures!

Thanks, Tricia!!!

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Cindy Rector said...

Wow! It was a blast. The pictures are awesome and I love the one of you and Micah in your robot heads! As always a good time was had by all. Food, fun and fellowship....nothing better! Great job Lauri & Micah! Keep making memories 😘