Monday, June 13, 2016


I love Sundays.

Once we get to church that is. Getting ready is almost always a circus around here.

I love getting up early, usually before anyone else- having the house to myself for a bit is aways something I savor. I love getting all dressed up in a dress in heels- because I am old-fashioned and I will always put on my Sunday best for church. I love getting to church, sitting down as a family, seeing friends, reading the bulletin, I love singing my favorite hymns, I love watching the boys put money in the offering plate. I love challenging myself spiritually, because we all know I am far from being a saint. I love that every Sunday kids ages 2-6 get to go up in front of the church and sing to the congregation... what a sweet way to get everyone settled and I honestly just love starting my week off with Jesus and my family.

Our little family of four has a bit of a Sunday tradition. Not always, but more times than not, after church, we eat lunch at Babe's. One of the boys favorite places to eat. I love that it is just us- Micah, Remi, Roen and I- because in my book, there is absolutely nothing better than chicken fried steak and sweet tea with the three people I love most!

Now, take a look at these little stinkers. Remi says the sun is in his eyes and Roen is growling like the wild animal that he is...

Pictures don't get much better than this, lol!!

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Cindy Rector said...

Goodness...I loved reading this post. Babes would be my pick for Sunday lunch. The boys are in rare form. I guess be thankful they haven't tried to ride the big chicken...,yet! Lol