Monday, July 4, 2016

Last of T-Ball...

We also got the last pictures from our last few games. I just love so many of these pictures!!

Roen was one of the youngest on the team, and you can tell. He just looks like such a tiny squirt out there on that big ole field... especially compared to the older boys. Roen has always liked t-ball- even last year when he was only 3. I loved watching him this year. Even though he was way out in outfield, and the ball didn't come his way often, he always felt like a million bucks when he got to throw the ball infield. But my very favorite was when he rounded those bases with the biggest and happiest smile I've ever seen on his face... every single time! I think maybe this little boy was made for baseball!!

When I look at Remi in these pictures, he looks like a boy. Not really even a little boy, but a boy. For the very first time this year, Remi got enthusiastic and aggressive about t-ball. Remi will always be my little 'go-getter'. I think he gets that from Micah. He wants to figure out exactly what to do and do it right every single time. He tends to get very scientific and meticulous about the way he does things. This year, he played shortstop. He got to where he knew exactly what to do when the ball came to him and his goal was to get at least one out per game... and he did get outs... lots of them!! Remi may not have that 'deep down in his soul' love for the game like his little brother, but I can guarantee if he makes up his mind to be the best, he won't ever stop trying!

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Cindy Rector said...

Great blog! I love the way you describe the is so enjoyable to read. You bring them to life through words! Happy 4th of July to you, Micah and the two firecrackers!!