Monday, September 19, 2016

A Weekend Away...

Micah and I spent the weekend out in Broken Bow with friends. We had so much fun! We cooked out both Friday and Saturday night, we played games, enjoyed the rain & quiet, read, and spent Saturday canoeing and exploring Beaver's Bend State Park.

Although, I missed the boys like crazy (the older they get, the more I seem to miss them when we are apart) they had a great weekend getting scraped-up and dirty out at Pop's house!

Pops said one afternoon, he poked his head the front door to check on the boys, and he saw them driving around on their ranger.... Roen was driving, Remi was sitting in the passenger seat.... with one of his chickens in his arms! They sure do love his chickens!

Saturday night, it stormed really bad and woke Roen up. He got up, went into Remi's room and crawled into bed with him. Remi said that Roen wanted to go get Pops but that he told him 'no, it's in the middle of the night- you can sleep with me!' I told Remi that he sure was a good big brother!

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Cindy Rector said...

What a great weekend! Did you & Micah still speak after the canoe outing? Lol!!
Love the boys picture with the chicken. Glad you all had fun!!