Monday, September 12, 2016

Our Weekend...

Our weekend was great. One of my very dear friends and I have been putting in lots of work these pasts months planning the Ladies Retreat for our church. It is always so fun to finally see it all come together!! Our theme was "I just want to be a sheep"- focusing on allowing God to be our shepherd. Our speaker, Becky Blackmon, was amazing and I think everyone had a great time!!

Of course, I was very ready to see the boys- all three of them. I have gotten to where I truly miss those boogers if I have to be away from them too long! However, I think they also had a great time just being with Daddy. They went fishing, golfing, ranger riding, had breakfast at Cracker Barrel and Micah took them shopping for fishing lures--- every little boy's dream!!

At Pond King shopping for fishing gear

I was sitting on the front porch with hot tea and a book as they pulled up on the ranger from an afternoon of riding around with friends and sweet little Roen was asleep!!

I spent the rest of the afternoon on the front porch enjoying the weather and watching the boys pester Little Anne...

Being away from Micah and the boys never fails to make me appreciate them all the more!

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Cindy Rector said...

It looks like another great weekend. I know the ladies retreat was uplifting and refreshing. Looks like you girls put together a great retreat. And the boys look like they had a blast. Nothing better than dad/son time. Guess that ride wore Roen out. Isn't it wonderful to miss them all and to be missed:). Have a great week! Be seeing y'all soon! P.S. ---Little Anne's hair cut looks cute!! I bet she loves having you to herself during the day!! ❤️