Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Class Parties...

This year, with both boys in school, there was really no way to be both of their room moms, so I signed up for both and let the PTC decide for me. Last year, I was Remi's room mom (and it goes without saying, I loved it) and this year, I am Remi's room mom again. It is pretty funny, because in all honesty, Remi gets extremely embarrassed for me to be up at his school but Roen just eats it up.

On Friday, the boys had their class Halloween parties!

With me doing Remi's party, I was only able to pop by Roen's party for a short bit. I was really sad about this. It also meant, I didn't get to go outside and watch him do the Kindergarten pinata. But, that is where their sweet Daddy comes in... he went to Roen's party and took pictures so that I could at least see those. Roen told me later at bedtime that night, he really wanted me to be at the whole party.

I was only able to get ONE picture of Remi- which was one too many in his opinion. But, he had lots of fun and told me that since there were other parents up there, I didn't embarrass him by being in his classroom!

Roen's teacher said he only made it until first bathroom break before he changed out of his costume... this did not surprise me in the least. That little stinker changes clothes more than a girl!!!

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Cindy Rector said...

Awe...yay for daddy!! Cute pictures. I laughed out loud when I read the comment about Roen's wardrobe change. I'd have to agree! I think he's trained Mallorie in being a quick change artist! Lol
Glad they both had fun at their parties! Thanks for sharing & Happy Wednesday. ❤️