Thursday, January 12, 2017

Pinewood Derby...

So, the Cub Scout Pinewood Derby Races are coming up this weekend.

The boys have been looking forward to building their cars for quite sometime now. Last weekend, Micah loaded them up and headed to Home Depot to get started. Even though Roen is technically too young to be a Cub Scout, he is still being allowed to participate in the races.

They have 'helped' him with pretty much everything, but I think they really were looking forward to getting to paint their cars most- and well, getting to use Daddies tools! I loved getting to go peak in at them, snap a few pictures and then come back to check on the progress. Boys doing boy things.... cutest thing ever!

Once they get the wheels on and get a final weigh-in, I will share their final products!

Considering that this is our first go-round with the derby races, I am not sure we will win, but they sure had a blast making them!! The races are this weekend, followed by their first basketball game.... our weekend will be busy and full... full of being with these two rascals we can't seem to get enough of!

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Cindy Rector said...

How exciting!! I remember see the Cub Scouts race their cars out at Sunset Mall. Both cars look sleek & fast. Good luck to the RD2's. Can't wait to see the finished products and hear the results. Enjoy the RIDE (so to speak) this weekend. Love y'all!!