Thursday, February 2, 2017

A Prayerful Heart...

Last night, after books, going over spelling words, practicing our math facts and lights were turned out, I laid in bed with a restless little 7 year old who sometimes has trouble turning off his imagination long enough to fall asleep. I was snuggled up real close- just the way he likes it and said a little prayer good night to him. Sometimes he prays for us, sometimes we pray together, but last night he just listened to my words that were tailored just perfect for him. After I said 'Amen' and kissed him on the cheek he said,

"Mom, you talk beautiful."

I am not real sure how those four little words could make such an impact on my heart but they did. I know it was Remi's way of saying he liked the way the words I said made him feel. Of all the things I do with boys, praying with them is the most intimate. Especially with Remi. He is always so careful to listen to the words I say, and often times, I hear him repeat those words in his own little prayers.

Praying with my boys is my way of teaching them to ask for forgiveness everyday and to be grateful to God above all else... and if I do nothing else in this life, I hope the little prayers we say together at bedtime will create a lifetime relationship between them and God.


Cindy Rector said...

Amen and Amen! I have read and re-read this post several times this morning and my eyes become teary every single time. Thank you for sharing seems inadequate on this post... but from the bottom of my heart....thank you for sharing!!! Love & hugs to you all.

Jaime Macon said...

Such a sweet moment! 💗