Monday, May 1, 2017

A Sweet Little Succulent...

I pretty much love anything handmade, that is just my inner artist appreciating the time it takes to create.

Last week, when I was running around getting things ready for Teacher Appreciation this week, I stopped by my favorite local artist's studio to pick up some little ceramic planters. When I spotted a little bowl with a snake painted around it's middle, I instantly scooped it up! I really wanted to get two so that both boys could have one, but I try to let the boys have there own special pieces for their room. This little planter had Remi's name written all over it, and it found a perfect home on his little nightstand right next to his wooden pencil box.

Remi is always so thoughtful and careful to appreciate the little things I do. I am certain me buying him a plant for his room was not overly exciting for him, but what he saw instead was me picking something out just for him and taking the time to plant it and have it waiting for him when he got home. I will always appreciate that about him...

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Cindy Rector said...

Great story! Such a sweet guy and wise beyond his's not always the gift but the thought behind it! Cute the way!! Hope you all have a great week! Summer is in sight!
Love & hugs!!