Friday, May 26, 2017

Field Day...

Last Thursday, was Field Day!!

The boys were so excited and continued to remind me not to miss it! It was first thing in the morning and the boys had a blast competing in all kinds of activities.

However, in our school, the only event that really matters is the Tug-O-War. There are two classes per grade and at break time, everyone comes to the gym and watches the classes compete against each other. Neither of the boy's classes won, but only Remi really cared. He told me he is going to start exercising everyday so that he can get really strong and win next year. It's serious business!

We start off the morning with opening ceremony. Each grade makes a banner and parades it around the gym. It is so cute it almost made me tear-up!

Roen's tiny Kindergarten of 26 total kids

Remi's 1st Grade class

Here are the cute banners close-up. I just love Remi's little house and how he put the same round window on his house that we have. I guess Roen was going for a simple turtle...

I just love being up the school, watching the boys in their element with all their sweet little friends!!

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Cindy Rector said...

What a fun day! Both boys are tugging hard with looks of determination on their faces. Love the banners and the artwork is awesome. Glad they both had fun. I'd love to try the sack race...probably be on the ground in 2.5 seconds! Hope y'all have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! Love & hugs!