Thursday, August 3, 2017

Disneyland 2017...

Well, we just got back from a quick little trip to Disney! It was fast and fun!

Out of the three times we have taken the boys to Disneyland and one trip to Disney World, this trip was by far the most fun!

I think it was a combination of no carseats, no naps, no diapers, no strollers and for the first time, we were able to spend the entire time riding big rides! At just under 48", Roen was able to ride every ride in the park in exception to one roller coaster.

Don't get me wrong, there is something so magical about the Dumbo ride, about the boys anticipating the moment they get to meet Mickey Mouse and seeing their eyes truly light up at every colorful they encounter. When they are little, you are doing it for them- when they are older, you are doing it with them. The memories are all still equally special and no trip would I trade for the world, but this trip... this trip, we got to be a kids too!!

Of all the rides, our favorites were Space Mountain, Guardians of the Galaxy and Toy Story! We had two full days- sun up to sun down and I think we rode pretty much every ride in the park (expect for the kiddie rides).

I love that we were able to squeeze this little getaway in before school starts back up- in 13 days!!!


Checking out the Disney cruise ship replica we rode on several summers ago

Day One... After arriving at our hotel, we ate a quick lunch with Chip & Dale and Pluto. From there we spent the afternoon swimming before our big days of park fun!

Picking out their first pins of the trip! Remi chose a pin from the movie Up and Roen chose a pin set from The Good Dinosaur movie.

Roen was so proud of his, he wore his on his shirt!

After the boys were all tucked in tight, I strolled through Downtown Disney were I found these pretty little treats...

I ended my night with this little unicorn macaroon...

Day two and three coming up...

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Cindy Rector said...

Lots of happiness in these pictures! So glad y'all got to go and make even more exciting memories! Can't wait for the next posts!!
Love y'all ❤️