Wednesday, October 25, 2017

A New Addition...

This weekend, we added a new little addition to our family!

This is Little Lady and she is the sweetest, tiniest little poodle I have ever snuggled!

Little Lady was a birthday gift from Micah and I have just been counting down the days until she was 8 weeks old and could come home! The boys love her to pieces and Remi has treated her with the sweetest care and protection!

This little ball of fur follows me around wherever I go and likes to sleep right on my neck. She fits right in and I just can't get enough of her sweet puppy breath!


Mary Beth said...

She is SO cute!!! Does Little Anne just love her baby sister??

Cindy Rector said...

Little Lady is precious. It's easy to see how she has captured everyone's heart...except for maybe Little Anne! lol She looks like the typical older sister and is barely tolerating the new baby. It's kinda like some of the pictures of Remi and Roen from long ago. I can't wait to love on her and smell her puppy breath. Sure hope you put some plastic bags in that "Louie" tote bag! (hehehe)
I've decided to combine her names and call her LiLa....get her nice and confused.
Love you all and post lots of pictures.