Friday, January 19, 2018

Words From Roen...

Roen is one of the happiest kids in the world. His giant genuine smile rarely leaves his face and though he may be a boy of few words, he has plenty to say with his sweet little giggles.

As we are finishing up our year in Cub Scouts, the boys have been working very hard on earning their Church of Christ Loving Servant Award. Among the many requirements to earn this badge, is a lot of bible study- a lot! Each night, after dinner, we have sat on the couch and read through different scriptures and parables and then talked about what it all means and how it relates to their lives. Remi is almost always spot-on and can very easily apply the scriptures to his everyday life.

Roen tries, but really hasn't grasped the level of deepness when it comes to understanding God. I think to him, God and Jesus float in the clouds, playing around, while they look down on us until they decide to come down to take us for a ride in a cloud car to Heaven one day. His little mind is just full of sunshin-ey cartoon images of it all.

So, when we had this conversation, I was not a bit surprised, but it made me and Micah giggle at the sweet innocence in his heart.

We were discussing the crucifixion and Remi and I were having a pretty deep conversation about what happened and what it all meant. Meanwhile, Roen is quietly sitting on the other side of me, when he finally pipes in...

Roen: Momma, when they put the first stake in, do you think Jesus said 'ouch'?

Is there anything better in life than conversations like this?! Oh, my sweet, little Roen, you make life so much better!

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Cindy Rector said...

Love this post! I agree...there’s nothing better in life! ❤️