Monday, February 12, 2018

Basketball 2018...

Well, basketball season is officially over. Out of 8 games, the boys won 7 and they were pretty proud of themselves! Roen played his very best on the last game where he got two rebounds, caught a pass and made a pass- the fact that he even touched the ball is huge for him! Remi loves basketball and although he never made a basket, he took several shots this season, made a steal, got some rebounds and even fought for the ball. Overall, I think the boys have come along way since last year and we had a blast watching them play!

The second graders on the team

The first graders- minus one

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Cindy Rector said...

Congratulations to Remi & Roen!! They both look so darn cute and their smiles show how excited they were. Maybe you & coach (dad) can catch your breath before baseball. Sad I didn’t get to see a game but maybe next year. Have a great week! Love & hugs to y’all ❤️