Friday, February 16, 2018

Valentine Goodies...

I had so much fun with the boys Valentine's this year. I wanted to do something really fun and boyish, so I mentioned whoopie cushions and Roen immediately loved the idea. It took Remi a bit to decide he was ok with this- he is always worried about looking silly. But in the end, they were a HUGE hit in both of their classes.

2nd Grade is the first year the kids get to make Valentine boxes. I have seriously been dreaming of the day I got to do this with my boys- that art degree pays off here and there, lol! Remi had a hard time deciding what he wanted to do, so I came up with the idea of a volcano. Remi loves science and has always had a fascination with earth science- especially volcanoes, so I thought it was the perfect idea. After mulling it over a bit, he was on board and really got into it. I would do little bits while they were at school, then he would come home and do a little work and so on. It was a team effort between the two of us!

However, as proud as he was of his volcano Valentine box, he still asked if I would carry it to his classroom for him- this did not surprise me in the least. As we walked into the building, one of his best buds said, 'Is that Remi's box?' When I told him that 'Yes, this is Remi's box' he ran into the classroom before us shouting for everyone to look at how cool his box was. The smile on Rem's face was priceless!!

Later, after school, he told me that everyone thought his box was the best! There really ins't much better in life that watching happiness spill from your children.

Before school started on Valentine's Day, the boys got to open their goodies from us. We try to keep these little holidays small and simple with the gift giving, so when I stumbled upon these boy themed bath bomb sets, I knew I had found the perfect gift. Something they will use, but also a fun little treat to get excited about!

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Cindy Rector said...

Super cool Valentine box! No wonder everyone was impressed. Y’all did a great job. They both look so cute...dressed and ready to head out to school. Love the bath bombs. Nothing better than sweet smelling boys! ❤️