Monday, May 14, 2018

Roen is Seven...

Saturday, Roen was SEVEN!! I can't even fathom the thought of my baby being this old!

From the very day Roen was born, he had the most pleasant disposition... and that has never changed. He is still a boy full of smiles, giggles and toothy grins. He doesn't always have much to say outside of home and his very closest friends, but his little eyes sparkle at everyone he meets. Roen is a pleaser. He likes to make everyone in his little circle happy and does his very best to do what is asked and expected of him. He is not a child that I have to ask a million times to do something, he doesn't push buttons, he simply doesn't like to rock the boat. Roen is my sweetheart. He still prefers his momma to anyone else, thinks his daddy hung the moon and thinks his big brother has all the answers.

Roen loves tacos, spaghetti, broccoli, cucumbers, cookies, cake, candy, orange juice, chips & hot sauce, zebra cakes and fruit snacks. He loves to swim, hunt, fish, baseball and doing anything that Remi is doing.

Roen already has a handful of girls that chase him around the playground trying to steal his kisses. I can't say I blame them- he does have some pretty sweet kisses. Roen wants nothing to do with that at this age, and runs as fast as he can from them. I'm glad I still have all his kisses to myself!

Sometimes I think about Roen and what he will end up doing in life, and though I can't pinpoint exactly what I think he might do, I always picture him doing it with Remi. Those two just go together- they are perfectly balanced opposites who find their deepest friendship in each other. He likes nothing more than to have Remi by his side as he goes through his days- bouncing ideas off each other, fighting about anything and everything and knowing that Remi would do anything in the world to protect him.

My boys are getting older and as their birthdays seem to be coming faster every year, I am so proud of the little men they are becoming. I see little pieces of Micah in them both and I love that. I see little pieces of me in them too, and that makes me smile. But, they are also their very own special person and for me, watching them grow into themselves is one of the best things in life!

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Cindy Rector said...

Well said little momma! His smile is infectious and his heart is as big as Texas. Happy 7th Birthday sweet Roen....can’t wait to celebrate with you soon. Keep a new pair of running shoes handy so you can get away from those girls trying to steal your kisses 😚. Love you “snaggle” ❤️ Hope you all have a great week.