Tuesday, July 17, 2018

4th of July...

This was our first year to spend 4th of July out at the Lake. It was a day full of friends, fun and fireworks!

The day started off with the annual 4th Of July Parade. In our little lake community, those who want to participate, decorate their golf cart in hopes of being named the winner for their efforts. There were several Christmas carts, lots of patriotic carts, unicorn carts, college carts... they were all so good. As the kids watched the parade pass by, they gathered candy that was thrown and enjoyed popsicles that were handed out.

From the parade, we headed over to the Lodge for some carnival games and snow cones. When we got so hot we couldn't stand it, we headed back to the house, where we spent the day swimming, jet skiing, playing ping pong and spending time with some pretty great friends. We ended the day sitting on blankets spread over the lawn with excited chatter, glow bracelets on wrists dancing about and 'oohhs and aahhs' as the night sky was splashed with the colors of America. It was a picture perfect day.

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Cindy Rector said...

What a wonderful July 4th!!! Gosh...I just wish that you, Micah & the boys would get out a little more and have some fun! Oh wait....that y'all's middle name! These are great pictures and I so enjoy seeing what is going on in your world! Thank you so much for taking the time to share...love & hugs to you all.