Wednesday, December 21, 2011

27 Months...

Since I rarely do monthly updates on Remi anymore, I thought I'd do one today!

Now that Remi is 27 months, depending on the day, this is either really fun or really NOT fun! Here are some of his favorite things...

Remi's favorite books:
Brown Bear, Brown Bear
Goodnight Moon
Little Blue Truck
Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

Remi is finally liking books. He loves books at bedtime and in the car. I was beginning to think I'd never get to read to him!

Remi's favorite foods:
Green Beans
Hot dogs

Remi's favorite things to do:
play with tools
play outside
Watch Mickey, Handy Manny, Elmo
play hide-n-seek and chase

Remi LOVES Little Anne! And he finally understands the term 'gentle'. He loves to point to her eyes, nose and ears. He also grabs her snout and gives her sweet little kisses.

Remi loves to help me cook, do laundry and any chore around the house that is 'fun'

He does not like to pick up his messes...but he loves to make them! 9 times out of 10, if you ask Remi to do something, he will say 'no'. The terrible twos are in full throttle. If Remi wants me to do something and I tell him no or to wait, he throws a fit. For example, if I am feeding Roen and Remi wants me to get him some juice and I tell him he will have to wait until I'm finished feeding Roen....he says' 'NO.' After I tell him that 'yes' he will have to wait, he will walk up to Roen and hit him on the head (he will also hit me when I will not give him exactly what he wants). Remi is still dealing with jealousy issues big time. If he hears me say that I am going to feed Roen and he wants my attention, he will immediately run to Roen's room throw the Boppy on the floor and sit in his rocking chair. He usually ends up in timeout because he won't move. He also does this if I say "Roen, do you want to play in your walker?" Remi will instantly go get in his walker and make me chase him around the house.

This boy thrives on getting our attention, and I mean ALL OF IT! Pretty much, anytime Remi doesn't get exactly what he wants, he has a meltdown. Not just a little bit of whining meltdown, but a full blown meltdown. I mean throw yourself on the floor, screaming, and crying meltdown.

He has also started throwing things. Anytime he has something in his hands and he gets mad, he throws it. Yesterday, it was bites of hot dog off his plate at lunch because it was too hot. I HATE it when he does this. The other day, he was playing with a container of beads and got mad at me about something and threw them all over the floor!

Now, you might be thinking 'wow, this is the worst case of Terrible Twos I've ever heard of', or you might be thinking, 'wow, that sounds just like my two year old'...

either way, Remi has another side to him. Sometimes I feel like I see it few and far between all the fits, but it is definitely there.

Remi has a heart of gold. The instant he realizes he has really upset me, he will run up to me and give me a big kiss. It is sweet. Remi can also be a great helper. Remi rarely fights his naps and bedtime with him is by far my favorite time of the day...and not just because he is going to bed. When I tell him it's time for bedtime, he will run in his room and jump in his bed. We always pick out two books. I let him choose which one we read first and he lays there while I read to him. After books, we pray and then we lay there all snuggled up until he falls fast asleep. I LOVE it when Remi is snuggled fast asleep in my arms!

Every morning when Remi wakes up, he will run in our room and turn on my lamp. It is so cute! There are many times during the day that Micah and I will look at each other and just smile because something Remi said or did was just so darn cute we could just eat him up! Remi is FULL of personality. He loves to explore and is always figuring out how to put things together or take them apart.

The other day, I asked his doctor what to do about his behavior. The doctor replied
"Remi is who you want to grow up and be your neurosurgeon. That determined, never give up personality is great! You just have to teach him how to control it". This made me smile. In the midst of a fit, I rarely see his behavior as a good thing just a little out of control!

Remi is learning so fast! He knows his colors, animals/sounds, and some shapes. He can also count with me now! He still doesn't really sing.

Potty training...I am leaving this up to him to decide when he is ready. Some days, he uses the potty and wants to wear big boy underwear, and some days he wants to just wear his diaper. This is okay with me. I guess I feel like this is one of the good things about staying home...we don't have to rush into being potty trained!

I can already tell you will be our strong-willed child. You know what you want and rarely give in. I am so proud of the little man that you are becoming. We think you are the smartest, cutest, most stubborn, messy, lovable and down right onry 27 month old ever!!! You are like a barrel of monkeys...more fun that we can sometimes handle, but we love it! You have a huge heart and your smile is so contagious! We love you little man!!

PS...we wouldn't mind a bit if you stopped growing up so fast!

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Cindy Rector said...

Well said momma! I can't believe how big both of the boys are getting. Roen will be giving Remi a run for his money before you can turn around. Love you all bunches!!....and can't wait to see the boys.