Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Velveeta Cheese Incident...

The other afternoon, I was getting lunch ready and I vaguely remember Remi grabbing the Velveeta cheese out of the fridge. I didn't really know what he was doing in the living room, but I could see him and figured since he was occupied, I'd steal a few minutes to finish up lunch. We were all sitting down having lunch, (Remi, Roen and I) when Remi decides he is done. He had hardly eaten anything, but sometimes he does that so I told him he could go play while Roen and I finished up.

Well, once I had cleaned up the table and had done the dishes, I quickly realized why Remi was so occupied and not interested in lunch.

He had his 'doctor kit scissors', my cupcake cake pop mold and my cupcake filler tool...and THE VELVEETA!! He was giving the cheese surgery all over our coffee table!

It was so funny that I just got my camera out! See for yourself...

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