Friday, March 2, 2012

Everyday Life With the Boys...

The other day Remi was hiding under Roen's bed. Well, of course, Roen just had to go under there to see what he was doing. I'll admit, I figured this would end in Remi kicking Roen out from under the crib...

However, the next thing I know Roen has a huge chunck of Remi's hair in his hand and is yanking at it and laughing. Remi finally got a taste of his own medicine :)

This is an example of how Remi bullies Roen around. He is intentionally head butting Roen while he tries to crawl. He will also go up to him and stand right in front of him while he is crawling and when Roen tries to go around him, he will move to stand in his way. It is so mean!

Roen LOVES to play with Remi's toys and in his room! Here he is trying his hand at the drill press. I think Remi must have been in another room, because this would never be allowed if he was around :)

a rare, sweet moment of happy play!

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