Saturday, March 3, 2012

hunger games

By Suzanne Collins

Collectively as a trilogy: 4.5 stars

Book 1: 4.5 stars
Book 2: 4.5 stars
Book 3: 4 stars

These books have gotten so much hype lately. I got this series for Christmas and could not wait to start reading. It took me several chapters to get the to point where I couldn't wait to pick it up and read. However, once I got there, it was intense.

After I finished reading the final book, I felt very sad and empty. This is not completely out of character for me because often I will find myself missing the characters and still wanting more from the story. However, once I really sat down and thought about the story, the ending and everything they had been through, it came to me.

I realized that I absolutely HATED the ending. I almost could not come to grips with what happened.

Overall I loved the story, but the ending almost made me wish I hadn't read the books at all. Funny thing is, this is also one of the reasons I cherish this this story so much- it was so powerful, and only a great writer can take a hold of your mind in that way. I loved each and every one of these characters as if they were my own.I tend to be a sucker for series. I feel like I get to stay with the characters longer and I get to know them on such a deeper level.

This book is based on a dystopian government. It is brutal, intense and heart-wrenching to the very last page. Three of the main characters are teenagers; Katniss, Gale and Peeta who make you fall in and out of love with them throughout the story. I found myself constantly putting myself in their shoes and trying to sort out the feelings webbed into their love triangle. As Katniss is thrown into situation after situation that she might not have chosen for herself, she rises to the challenge and finds herself as the leader of a rebel riot in pursuit of taking over the Capitol. Her journey is far from pretty but she is persistent and brave none the less.

I feel certain that you will not regret picking this book up and will be enthralled by the sacrifices these characters will make to protect the ones they love.