Saturday, March 17, 2012

Still Alice...

By Lisa Genova

I give this book 4 stars

What an incredible read!! This book was so touching and emotional. After reading Genova's other novel Left Neglected, I am not surprised.

However, as much as I loved this story, I found my self hating the ending! I HATE when this happens. I invest so much time into characters and their lives, that I truly want to be happy with the ending. I don't necessarily believe it has to be the 'perfect' ending, but I want closure! I want love to overcome all!

I tend to be closed minded. So, when the book ends with the character doing something that I would not have chosen, I find myself being disappointed.

For example...

John and Alice are both doctors who teach at Harvard. Both very successful and intelligent people. Alice is diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's at age 50. Her story is sad, honest and brave. Her husband has a really hard time dealing with her diagnosis and watching his wife loose the mind he loves so dearly. This is to be expected.

However, 'til death do us part' does NOT mean it is ok for him to accept an amazing job opportunity in New York and leave his wife with his daughters. Though, this proved to be a great bonding time for Alice and hers daughters, John completely abandoned her! I liked John, I really did, but I would NEVER do this to my husband. EVER. No job would ever be more important than the time I had left with him. I am not saying he should have quit his job at Harvard...but moving to an entirely different place to chase his dreams!? Not my definition of 'in sickness and in health.'

I always want to believe that given the choice, human nature is to choose the right choice. Though I know this isn't always true and we don't' all have it in us to make the 'right' choice, it never ceases to amaze at how hurt I am when we do not!