Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Angela's Ashes...

Memoir by Frank McCourt

I give this book 5 stars.

Wow... what to say?! This is Frank's story and you will never be the same after reading his story. You will feel sad, blessed, and completely ungrateful for everything you have!

Frank tells his story as a young boy growing up in the lowest degree of poverty imaginable in Ireland. You want to cry, laugh and give him the shirt off your back all at the same time.

This book took me about a month to read. Not because it was bad but for several reasons. This has been a super hectic month. Getting ready for Roen's b-day has been enough on it's own, but I work with a photographer creating invitations for graduates which has been proved to be extremely difficult to have any extra time to read. However, because I love to read so much, I make myself escape into my books. It is good for me and it helps me 'get away' and de-stress. Everyone needs that time.

This book doesn't necessarily 'hook' you but every time you pick it up, you are addicted. I just loved everything about this book. If I could say one word about this book it would be HOPE. Who doesn't want to read a book about hope!? Read it!! You wont' be disappointed!

I can honestly say this book will stay with my thoughts forever. I will always be wondering what happened to sweet little Frank McCourt and I can assure you I will be reading the sequel. Maybe not right away (just because I like to switch things up), but I will be reading the sequel!

I love what Frank's story gave me... a new vision to what survival is. His naiveness is not only refreshing but gives me hope that not everyone in this world has alliterative motives.

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