Monday, April 16, 2012

Scorpions and Spiders and Snakes, Oh My!

This is the one thing I DO NOT like about our new home. We not only have bugs (which don't really bother me), but we have scorpions, spiders and snakes (brown recluses and copper heads to be exact)! And actually, after we moved in, I found out this area is called Scorpion Valley....terrific!!!!

Anyways, we are in the process of doing a major landscape renovation to the front part of our land and and little in the back...

Yesterday afternoon, Micah was clearing some big rocks out front (about 4 feet from the side walk that Remi plays on all the time) and Remi wanted to help him. Micah only had one pair of work gloves so he gave those to Remi because Remi wanted to help put rocks in the wheel barrel. After finding four scorpions (one being huge; almost 4 inches) and almost being bit, Micah decided since he wasn't wearing gloves he would start turning over the rocks with the hoe. Good thing because not long after a BABY COPPER HEAD was under the rock he flipped over. It kept striking his hoe over and over. It is dead and gone now, but the scary part...

It was about 3 rocks away from the ones Remi was picking up. Meaning, if Micah hadn't picked it up first, it was only a matter of time beforeRemi would have gotten bitten!!!

I think I tossed and turned dreaming about snakes all night.

And poor Remi? Well, bless his heart, he fell asleep in bed saying, 'snakes bite me' and 'snakes outside, run in house'.

We gave him a long talk about how if he ever sees a snake to run in the house and tell Daddy. Here are some pictures of the critters we have found. And just another little scary bit...

The other day I was changing the sheets on Roen's crib and I found a HUGE brown spider between his sheets and bumper pad. I don't know what kind of spider but at least it was dead!!!

the baby copper head

the huge scorpion

these are the scary stinging centipedes we get...makes my skin crawl!

and lately, we have been invaded these nasty least they dont bite or sting!

and in case you are wondering, we get our house sprayed OFTEN!


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EEEPS! I'm so glad Remi didn't get bit!

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