Saturday, September 22, 2012

Devil in the White City...

by Erik Larson

This rarely happens...

I DID NOT finish this book! I hate not finishing books. In fact, I still find myself wishing I could finish the last half. To be fair, this is a Non-fiction/ history book. Not my normal forte.

This book retails the events leading up to the construction of the 1983 World Fair and the serial killings it lured. I honestly could not wait to read the is book. However, I have been making my self pick it up every couple of nights for over a month! Each chapter covered either the fair construction or the mind and murders of Holmes. Sadly, the only chapters I liked were about this crazy serial killer! I promise, I am not crazy, but I really am drawn to gross, sick and scary things...always have been and most likely always will be.

The other night we were laying in bed and I was complaining to Micah about how much I hated this book. He looked at me and said "why would you read a book you hate?" I thought you know what, he is right!! So I am done willing myself through the boring chapters and have moved on to better books!

Don't get me wrong, this book ranks high with 4 stars on Amazon, so I know there are many people out there have enjoyed this book. I am not trying to be disrespectful to this author, but I also do my best the represent books honestly.

So there you have it! A rare, non-finished book on my shelf!

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