Saturday, October 13, 2012

What Alice Forgot...

by Liane Moriaty

I absolutely LOVED this book! It was real, heartbreaking and rewarding. To me, it represented what not only has happened to marriage these days, but what gets in the way. It is a true vision of what happens when the little things add up to become the big is what happens when the big things happen and seem little. This book made me laugh a little and cry alot. I dont cry. This book was realistic and emotional. I felt like parts of this book were written by me. I FELT so much of this book.

As a mother and wife, we are never fully appreciated for things we do unseen. However, as a father and the care taker of a family, the hard work and exhaustion are never fully appreciated either. These two roles in a family are essential, yet easily forgotten. What would happen if you woke up and you thought it was ten years ago in the past? Would you recognize yourself, would you be proud of yourself....would you feel like you did your life justice? Would you grieve you best friend, would you understand your children, would you even remember them?

Get ready, this book will change your outlook on being a mother, wife and person. This book will change you life! In fact, I wish I really knew Alice and Nick. I wish I was able to be a part of their lives...their change. This book proves that divorce is not an easy solution and that realizing that hurts even more.

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