Saturday, October 6, 2012

Where We Belong...

By Emily Giffin

I LOVE Emily Giffin. Her books almost always tackle a deeper issue without being to serious or preachy. I love her point of view and her writing is just so darn captivating. This is her most recent book, and like all the rest, I was reading every second I had just to see what happened! That being said...

I wanted to love this book, I really, really did. But I did not. I didn't hate it, because there were definitely parts that I loved, but overall, I was not happy with the ending.

This book is about Marian. When she was 18- just out of high school- she got pregnant with Kirby. She was not only ashamed of being a pregnant teen, but because this was so out of character for her, she hid it from everyone. Fast forward 18 years and Kirby is knocking at her door! Marian not only has to face her past head on, but has to help Kirby learn about hers. I loved the adoption storyline. Being adopted myself, I could completely relate to alot of what Kirby went through and how she felt. However, I had major problems with the outcome of Marian's character.

Marian is portrayed as a very confident and smart women. In the beginning she is happy with her almost finace, Peter, and by the end she has not only left him, but decided she is in love with her high school fling (Kirby's father) Conrad. Conrad is now the owner of a very successful local bar who opted of college. Not that there is anything wrong with either, but this is just not Marian. I feel like the author made Marian seem like one person in the beginning, and by the end, a flake who has no idea what she wants.

Let's face it, Marian had everything she wanted before Kirby came along. I think she could have met Kirby's needs and still kept the life she worked so hard for.

Very disappointed :(

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