Saturday, December 29, 2012

Gone Girl...

by Gillian Flynn

This book was so good!! I have read one other novel by Flynn (Sharp Objects) and I loved it as well! I actually might have liked this one even better! Flynn's writing style is so captivating and her storylines are so original without being too far out there. She takes the murder mystery to the next level. Throw in a sociopath, a failing marriage and bed full of lies, and this story will literally give you the creeps!

As someone once told me, ' reading is the cheapest way to vacation'. You read to get away to another world. I think it is the adult way to 'pretend'. And as much as a I love a great Chic Lit book, I enjoy darker reads that get under my skin.

This book is told from two different points of view and is read in three different sections. From the beginning, the reader is almost convinced that Nick, the husband is guilty of murder. Murdering his wife. As you enter the second section, the reader is opened up into what is really going on....and how incredibly twisted the story has just begun. In usual Flynn style, there are twists right up until the very end of the story. The ending isn't wrapped up in pretty bow,  in fact, it is almost as chilling as the story itself! Gillian Flynn has quickly become one of my favorite authors!

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Mary Beth said...

I loved this book, also! A few people told me not to read it right before getting married, but I didn't listen and I ended up really liking it. Like you, I enjoy reading "darker" stuff every now and then :)