Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Roen's Two Year Check Up...

On Monday, Roen went to his Two Year Wellness visit. He checked out pefecetly wieghing in at 27.2 lbs (40%) and 34.5 in tall (63%).

I dropped Remi off at Micah's office and it sure was a lot easier to wrangle one monkey rather than two! In fact, Roen played quietly and thoroughly enjoyed his one on one time with Momma!

At two years old, Remi was 27.1 pounds (38%) and 33 in tall (16%). So they are pretty close, but Roen seems to be a bit bigger than his big brother! However, Roen's head (47.5 cm) is a whole cenitmeter smaller than Remi's (48.5 cm) was at two years old!


Whitnee said...

Hooray for a healthy Roen!

Cindy Rector said...

It is amazing that they are so close in size at the age of two. You'll have to double their height at age 2 and the old wives tale is that will be their height when they are grown. Kim's was pretty close. I love the look on Roen's face in the second picture. It's as if he's want me to do what? So happy that he is healthy!