Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mother's Day & Roen's Birthday...

This past Sunday, was pretty busy. Not only was it Mother's Day, but it was also Roen's actual 2nd Birthday. We had to fit in church, presents, Mother's Day and making Roen's birthday special. It was a LONG day... full of wonderful memories!

We started the day off by taking Roen's two year old pictures. Micah ran to get donuts before the boys woke up. Roen LOVES donuts! He patiently waited to eat his donut until we were finished singing Happy Birthday. It was pretty cute!

After a quick breakfast, we headed off to church...

Because Roen was two, he got to go to Children's Church for the first time instead of the nursery! Remi was so excited and held his hand the whole way there. It was the sweetest thing ever! When I went in to peek on him, he was sitting there quite as a little mouse!

After church, we let Roen open his presents from us. We got him a toddler wearable Mickey Mouse blanket and a gas pump for all their outdoor ride-on toys. Every time he opened a present he said 'wow'. Even before he knew what it was! It was priceless!

After presents, we headed to Chuy's to celebrate Mother's Day with Micah's mom and grandma

After lunch, we took the boys bowling for Roen's Birthday Day. Neither had been before and they loved it! Considering that neither had had naps by this point, they held up pretty well. The only problem was, that Roen did NOT understand why he had to wait his turn. It was too funny! He also insisted on carrying the balls all by himself!

What a wonderful day. I think my favorite Mother's Day to date. I love spending time with my boys!


Cindy Rector said...

How awesome! All the pictures are so cute. I love the bowling pics...I bet that was a blast. Where did you find the Mickey Mouse blanket/hoodie....too cute! Thanks for sharing! But could you get back to posting early in the morning....I've been checking all morning for this post....lol. It's just always a great way to start my day by looking at the boys....always makes me smile <3

Whitnee said...

You look gorgeous! Love, love, love the pictures. I'm so glad y'all had such an awesome day!

Kiley said...

Oh I love those church pictures. They are so lucky to have each other so close in age and they are lucky to have you as their mom!