Friday, July 5, 2013

More Botswana...

Day 9-13:
The remainder of our days, we mainly hunted and did a bit of game viewing. The coolest part of game viewing here was getting to FINALLY see a giraffe really close. Not only that, but I saw baby giraffes really close! I'm a sucker for babies :)

One afternoon, we took a 45 minute drive to the nearest town, Ghanzi, to see baby lion cubs. The owner of this facility raises lions and then sells them to either zoos or game reserves. I have to admit it did have the feel of a zoo because they were all caged up, but I can't say it wasn't an awesome afternoon getting to hold lion cubs that were only days old and watching 'toddler' cubs feed... while in the cage with them. You can't do that at a zoo :)

This is a seven month old lion cub. They made me nervous. They tried to bite several of us and they are big enough that they probably could have eaten my hand!

This is as close as I got!

The girls also took another afternoon off from hunting to visit the school on the farm where our camp was. It is always a favorite of mine to interact with the local children. They are just so beautiful and colorful. From their mismatched clothes the smiles that melt my soul... these children always find a very dear place in my heart! We brought them candy, dum-dum suckers to be exact! They were running around squealing like they were the happiest children in the world.... and you know what? I think they were! At that moment, that little sucker was the best thing ever! Oh, to have the heart of a child!

This little guy reminded me SO MUCH of my little Roen Bear! Sweet, stocky and dripping with sweetness!


Cindy Rector said...

Well another enjoyable post! The lion cubs are adorable, but at 7 months I think I would be a little nervous. I love the one with milk on him. Were you feeding him the bottle? And the children....well that's probably why I don't need to travel over there. I would want to bring them all home with me. Beautiful moments! Children have such warm souls!!! Again....I'll be tuned in for more to come!

Jill said...

Love this one...those sweet, sweet children! And, you are much braver than me...that 7 month old lion cub? Eeks!