Saturday, July 6, 2013

Unnaturally Green...

a memoir by Felicia Ricci

I LOVE musicals and I LOVE Wicked! I have had the privilege of seeing it twice. Once on broadway and once in Dallas with the traveling show. It was impeccable both times! In fact, I bought a Wicked Christmas ornament... and a t-shirt.... oh yes, and a pen. I actually got this book for Christmas and just now read it over my trip to Africa. It is FABULOUS!! I just love Felicia Ricci and wish I could be her friend in real life! Her story is real, honest and really pretty funny at times. This book gives you a backstage look into what goes on behind the scenes of Wicked. Now, I am dying to see it again!

The only part that is disappointing, is I wish I could have seen Felicia preform :(