Monday, September 9, 2013

A Weekend Vacation...

This weekend, we took a little vacation. We went to Disneyland! The boys have been so excited about this trip and of course, excited to see where Mickey Mouse lives! We had an absolute blast!

We headed to the airport at 5:30am Friday morning. The boys were so excited that they ended up staying up late, espeicially Remi. This combined with an early wake-up call meant some pretty tired boys. Of course, they wouldn't sleep on the plane, but once we got to the airport and headed to Anaheim, they all crashed.

Overall, on the way there, the boys did pretty good on the airplane. Towards the end, they were getting pretty antsy and starting getting out of their seats and running around. Thankfully there were 16 of us, including 6 kids so we were able to keep them pretty contained.

Arriving at the airport

Such big boys riding without an adult beside them!

Roen got cozy with his blankie, sippy cup and 'moush' on the IPad.

And like I said, by the time we arrived at our resort, they were worn out. Remi ended up getting a pretty long nap, but Roen only slept the 30 minutes it took us to get the Grand Californian Hotel.

After getting our luggage unloaded into one of the rooms (since we got there so early, all of our rooms weren't ready) we grabbed some lunch and set out into the park! The boys LOVED getting to meet all the characters. Roen especially, loved them. He would get the biggest smile on his face and give them the biggest heartfelt hug ever. In fact, we usually had to make him quite hugging them. He didn't want to let go! They called them "Donguld Duck" "Pooto" and "Goosy".... I never want to forget the excitement in their voices when they saw them and said their names!

After some rides, we decided to go back to our rooms, to let the kids cooloff, rest and get ready for dinner. The time change was only 2 hours but with kids that is a pretty big deal. Which meant the boys did not end up napping which also meant they got even further behind on rest. I figured it was vacation and we would just keeping going as long as they lasted.

When we got back to our rooms, 'Mickey Mouse' had brought all the kids birthday presents since they had all had recent birthdays. Balloons, gifts from Minnie, Dasiy, Goofy, Mickey and Pluto, autograph books, a giant Mickey Mouse that Roen just LOVED, and birthday Mickey hats with their name embrodered on the back. It was so special! There were banners everywhere and by the time the gifts were opened, there were toys everywhere!

Later that evening after dinner, we got to finally do what we came for....We got to meet Mickey Mouse!!!! The boys were exhausted by this point, but I am so glad they got to see Mickey!

Roen snuggled all up with Mouse and his blankie

The Mickey Mouse ferris wheel in the background was the one ride Remi requested to go on. As soon as he saw it, he said he wanted to ride it becasue that is what Max rode on his favorite show Max and Ruby :)

This was one of Roen's favorite rides. What little boy wouldn't love spinning around and driving these cute little trucks?!

Toy Story ride....Remi loved shooting at all the 3D targets!

After a long day, and leaving the light show early, we finally made it back to our room around 10. Unfortunatly, they didn't get to enjoy the milk and cookies they left for us. Roen never woke up and Remi requested to go straight to bed!

I would love to say the boys were so sleepy that they slept in, but with the time change messing with our sleep clocks they only slept until about 7. This led to a very long morning and a lot of this...

all this beause I wouldn't let him pick the yellow roses!

But we kept on going and had alot of fun! We had breakfast with the Disney critters which included the famouse Mickey waffles and lots of yummy food.

From here, we went and saw the Disney Jr Show wich was basically a puppet show with alot of the characters from Disney Jr tv shows. Roen LOVED seeing the Mickey Mouse clubhouse characters. However, when the other characters came on (Doc McStuffins, Jake and the Netherland Pirates, Sofia the First) he got upset and asked 'where Moush go'?

Loving the Disney Jr show

Finally getting to ride ferris wheel. He loved it!

After the ferris wheel, we went back to our rooms and the boys napped, and napped and napped some more! In fact, Remi slept for FOUR hours! While they slept the girls got away and did a bit of shopping followed by some room service. As much fun as it is to vacation with your kids, it sure is nice to have some adult time!

When the boys woke up, they were ready for more 'games' as Remi called it! We headed to the famous, and my favorite, Fantasyland! We rode, Dumbo, the teacups and the Alice and Wonderland ride.

Our last ride of the day is the one request of Roen's. From the first time we walked into the park, he asked to ride the 'choo choo tain' that drives around the park. He was in heaven despite the picture :) We ended the day with the famous firework show which Remi says was his favorite thing.

And on Sunday afternoon, we were back at the airport heading home. This airport expierence wasn't as easy. The boys (espeically Roen) were acting up as we went throug security... when I say acting up I mean knocking over all the line ropes, running around and rolling around refusing to walk and having to be literally drug through the airport. Oh, the life with toddlers.... I thought I might kill them :)

Remi fell asleep on the plane and was a perfect angel. Roen on the other hand (my riding partner) was like a wild animal. At first he stayed pretty entertained, but he got tired and wouldn't nap, he got bored, he got mad because he had to wear a seatbelt, he wouldn't stay in his seat and as we landed he screamed like a wild hyenna because I basically had to hold him down in his seat/seatbelt. It was glamorous!


Whitnee said...

What a fun vacation! I'm so glad y'all had fun. I bet y'all are exhausted!!!!! I love there matching duds . Also, is roen holding lambie in that pic where he is sleeping in the stroller bc it doesn't look like pupdog?

Cindy Rector said...

Oh how much fun! You did a great job capturing some priceless expressions. It looks like everyone had a wonderful time, tired and all! That is a trip where you guys made every minute count.