Thursday, September 26, 2013

Remi's 4 Year Check-Up...

Monday Remi had his 4 yr wellness doctor visit. He took an eye test, a hearing test and got four shots. He had a great check-up and the doctor said his burn is looking great! I had Micah come with me because I thought I might need some help with both boys and the shots...I am glad I did. I don't know why my boys have to act like wild animals in the doctor's office!

Remi's Stats:

36 lbs (52%)

3ft 3.5 inches tall (32%)

My little superheros off to our check-up...

These are the sorts of things my kids like to do to entertain themselves.....

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Cindy Rector said...'s pretty boring waiting in a doctor's office! But then I can't imagine having two boys to wrangle while waiting. Is that a rubber band on Remi's arm? If so....he is really picking up Micah's habits. Too cute! Happy Thursday.