Friday, December 13, 2013

Cars and Trucks...

Roen is seriously in love with cars, trucks, tractors, planes and any other for of transportation! He has a basket full of tons of cars and trucks. Normally, this would overwhelm me, but he loves them all and plays with them all. Even better, he will go to his room and play with them all by himself... quietly! This is one of the things he likes to do while Remi is in school. I love this about Roen! He is such an independent player.

Honestly, it is a breath of fresh air compared to my other 'need your attention all the time' child :) I'm kidding... kinda.

I love that Remi loves and probably needs more than anything, for me to sit down and play with him. It is how he is wired- to want that closeness and company, to want his 'best friend' (as he called me last night after prayers) at his side, it genuinely warms my heart. However, sometimes I have other things to tend to and cannot sit down and play 'electrician' or 'mail monster' and sometimes I simply do not want to. And this is where he becomes a challenge. He is not happy to go off to a quite corner and play. It is not his imagination, he has that, the biggest one I've ever seen, in fact, but he wants to share it. And bless his heart, he can nag his momma like there is no tomorrow!

Anyways, when I peeked in on Roen the other morning, I saw this sweet little lineup he saved for only his favorites....

*notice his horse trailer and all the firetrucks :)

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Cindy Rector said...

Good job those trucks lined up and ready to ROLL!!!!