Thursday, January 23, 2014

We Have A Slab...

I just love all this house progress!! On Monday, the pad was finished and the slab was ready to be poured...

And on Tuesday morning (4:30am to be exact) our precious, long awaited for slab was poured. I don't think I have ever seen concrete that was so incredibly exciting!!!

However, I got the boys up extra early in hopes of getting there in time for them to see the concrete being poured. They are both HUGELY intrigued by cement trucks. I was just jumping up and down at the thought of them getting to see it in action. But, we were too late. By the time we got there a little before 8, the cement truck was gone and the slab was finished :(

My only hope is that we might get to see the shop (what is being plumbed in the background) being poured.

I must admit, tthe rebellious part of me was really tempted to go jump right in the middle of all that perfectly smooth concrete... our builder probably would have quit though :)

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Cindy Rector said...

That is a lot of concrete!!! How exciting it will be. Sure wish the boys could have watched them pour and finish it out. I can't believe that they did it at 4:30am...crazy, crazy! They must have some big lights. Maybe you can catch them on the next pour. Keep these updates coming!! And on a closing note I am so glad you used restraint and stayed out of the slab... lol