Wednesday, January 22, 2014

My Little Fishes....

This week, Remi and Roen graduated from their Fall/Winter Swim Classes, X-treme Waterbabies (Roen) and Advanced Beginners (Remi). This class has proven to really be a milestone for Remi. I think it is safe to say that he can officially swim. He has learned to use his arms (a skill that is really only able to mastered around the age of four) and swims with much more confidence. He still won't go down the big slide most days and eases into new challenges. Remi is most definitely my little cautious fishy.

Little Roen is doing great as well. He loves the water and has no fear. For this, I am thankful and a bit leary. He almost always requests to go down the big slide instead of the baby slide with the other kids in his class. Roen is my fearless fishy.

The boys will continue lessons into their appropriate levels. As you know, swimming is something I take very seriously. The boys will continue in lessons until they can both swim with a confidence that I am comfortable with.


Ashley Estes said...

Sweet little swimmers 😊

Cindy Rector said...

Way to go "fishes".....Lauri, you are amazing. I know I probably would have stuck with this until they could "get by" swimming, but making that drive I'm sure I would have called it done. Their confidence was amazing this past summer when we took them swimming so I can't wait to watch them this summer.